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Foto J.P. Herbst

Jan Herbst (*1984) is a popular music scholar, musicologist, music educator, technologist and guitar player. After studying two music performance courses as an electric guitarist in Germany and the USA, he graduated in Music (B.A./M.Ed.) and Popular Music and Media (M.A.). His Ph.D. work explored interrelated musical, cultural, aesthetic and social aspects of music technology and produced sound, and its chances and challenges for music education. The latest research focuses on the electric guitar and the effect of distortion on rock aesthetics and guitar performance. Further research areas are music analysis, music education, music technology, empirical musicology and popular music studies.
With many years of research and teaching experience from various institutions in Further and Higher Education, Jan currently is Visiting Professor of Music Education at Bielefeld University and Guest Lecturer in the Popular Music and Media course at Paderborn University.

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